Mothers’ Ministry

This ministry is run by and is for the mothers in the church. Its purpose is to equip the mothers with entrepreneurial skills they need to meet their financial needs, both at home and in the church ministry. This ministry also aids mothers in running their homes and raising their children in a Godly manner, it also contributes greatly towards the church’s Evangelism ministry. This ministry is at 4 different levels, these being, Local, Monthly, Quarterly and Organizers’ level.

  • Local committee is responsible for the Mothers’ meetings held in the local assembly.
  • Monthly committee is responsible for the Mothers’ meetings that are held on a monthly basis and are held at regional level.
  • Quarterly committee is responsible for the services held after every 3 months; these are also held at regional level.
  • Organizers committee oversees all committees, helps in the election of the above mentioned committees and is responsible for the National or Regional Mothers’ Convention.

The annual convention is held during the Easter period, there the mothers present the work done throughout the year, this is inclusive of their handwork, financial results and Chariladies’ reports.

Mothers’ Ministry

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